The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula K. Le Guin So... the book spends the first half setting up characters, plots, and intrigues which turn out to be irrelevant...

The main character of the series doesn't show up until halfway through the book, doesn't particularly do anything, and for being a wizard, uses surprisingly little magic, if any at all.

This supposed "deed" that the main character does in the book, and was heavily foreshadowed through the first book, ends up being... kinda nothing.

I feel like this whole book was a bait and switch.

I know Ursula LeGuin is one of those Old School Sci-Fi Authors who fancy themselves philosophers, and use their writing as a means to cram their personal viewpoints down their readers' throats. So what was ol' Ursula trying to foist on me this time? Militant atheism? I'm not really sure.

Anyway, this was a passable pulp fantasy novel, but certainly not memorable or one of the greats.