The Trumpet of the Swan (full color) - Fred Marcellino, E.B. White

So maybe I wasn't expecting this book to turn out like it did.


First five chapters were straight-up Jean Craighead George nature documentary. I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.


Chapter six: sudden, abrupt left turn into Danny and the Dinosaur territory. (or Sammy the Seal, if you will.. they're the same book.) It was such an awkward break, I never recovered from it.


The book was fine as it is... Trying to remind myself that this is the same guy that wrote Charlotte's web (you know, talking pigs, etc.), but the departure from the initial style was so jarring, I  just couldn't get over it.


The rest of the book was a fun meander. I do recognize that Mr. White is an absolute master of the english language. (and, I noticed, he employs an oxford comma. I'm a fan.)


I've never read or seen Stuart Little, and although I read Charlotte's Web as a kid, the only thing I remember is the movie. That being said, I wouldn't recommend this one... go read My Side of the Mountain or something.


For a far superior take on Trumpeter Swans, the band Bark Hide and Horn have created a lovely song on a lovely album that you should hear. Here's a link:


Bark, Hide and Horn - Trumpeter Swan