The Stowaway - R.A. Salvatore, Geno Salvatore

READ THIS AFTER "The Halfling's Gem" and before "The Pirate King"


Preferably right after The Halfling's Gem.




Anyway, this is a departure. A kid-lit book at about the speed of the (fabulous) Ranger's Apprentice books, set in the world and with the characters from Salvatore Sr's books.


...and the book wasn't half bad. Again, it's a early-teen/preteen reading level, but I love stuff at that level, so it was great.


Four stars, simply because it was tough getting used to new characters and getting into the story.


At first, upon reading this, I thought that the series of events happening to our main character stretched the limits of realism (and sanity), and thought the apparent improbable/impossible luck of the main character was a mark of juvenile writing. At some point, I figured out it was actually a plot point; so, concern resolved, and these books are allowed to continue being awesome.