The Ghost King: Transitions, Book III - R.A. Salvatore

Ohhh Epic. EPIC. epic.


This is the payoff. 31 books into this series, this is great. I want to say it's the best of the series, but I'm also looking fondly back at a few others that might qualify.


...but this one was good. Way good. Worth-slogging-through-books-1-to-30-good.



We get to see some old friends, old enemies, and everything seems to culminate in this book.  There's a season of Dr Who that was like this for me-- just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger and more awesome, everything kept building and getting more and more epic. (can I say epic for the fourth-no-fifth time in a review? I'll stop)


Ok, spoilers ahoy. Big spoilers ahoy:




So, killing off THREE main characters after thirty-odd books is pretty controversial, right? Of course, with RA Salvatore, they may not stay dead.


I sure hope they do, though. I hope their death means something. Of course, there was foreshadowing for several books in the case of Cattie-Brie and Regis that their time on this world was short, especially compared to Drizzt's lifespan. That being said, their deaths were certainly unexpected.


I'm still sad about Cattie-Brie and Wulfgar's failed relationship, but I think that's what I like about how these books have matured. Things aren't always so fantasy-story simple.


Cadderly-- well, he's been talking about dying every time he crops up in a story, so that's not surprising either, although he seems (seemed?) so powerful at times, that it's kinda sad that he didn't sacrifice himself for something... I dunno... bigger? maybe this is big enough?


I'm glad to see Jarlaxle (and cameo by Valas Hume from the War of the Spider Queen series). I'm glad to see him making friends with Drizzt and co.  No, it doesn't even seem forced by this time. I'm ready for the next big revelation about Jarlaxle's past or his character.


Speaking of which, it was heavily implied in the book that the Ghost King (Crenshinibon/Hephaestus/Whatever) sent two of his Lichs against Artemis Entreri somewhere down south. I wonder what happened to them. I'm sure Salvatore either planned them as chapters in this book, or wrote up a short story, but I'm DYING to know, and it looks as if the next book is set SEVERAL years after this, so I may not find out.


Also, like I said, it looks like the next book series is set several years after these events. Does this mean that Salvatore's done with his group of friends? Sure, Drizzt is the most famous and marketable of them, and given his long potential lifespan, there's an unlimited potential for adventures, etc. but I actually like him least of all the Companions. His inner struggle has been won. Played out, and rehashed too many times. In my opinion, it's time for Drizzt to settle into the role of a continuing supporting character and let other, more complex characters take the spotlight.


Okay. More Artemis Entreri vs. multiple Lichs, please? thank you.

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