The Pirate King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #18) - R.A. Salvatore

It's good to see old friends.


This was a fun one. Some great battles, political scheming, derring-do, and the return of some old friends (and enemies) and plot threads. Lots of reader payoff in this one.


A few nit-picky things:



Somebody should tell RA Salvatore that his book titles don't have to all have the same word in it. "The Pirate King" is not among the top 10 titles I'd choose.


It's interesting that the narrative skipped-- it went from when Deudermont explained to Drizzt that he was going to invade Luskan straight to the invasion. It's almost as if Salvatore couldn't think of a good enough reason why Drizzt couldn't convince Deudermont that this was a MONUMENTALLY STUPID decision from the beginning. Hello? 4 ships against a whole school full of wizards? It took about 20 times that firepower to even think about bringing Hogwarts down... Deudermont is just lucky that he got the support that he did. His invasion should've gone off worse than the Bay of Pigs.


Also, why didn't Drizzt clue Deudermont into the fact that The Crow had Dark Elf backing of some sort? That's the sort of thing you should mention to a friend.

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Okay. Enough overthinking. This isn't shakespeare. It's elves and orcs and battles.