The Orc King (Forgotten Realms: Transitions, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #17) - R.A. Salvatore

to anyone reading this series, READ THIS IMMEDIATELY AFTER "The Two Swords" ... it's a direct continuation of the story. I got sidetracked on a side-series and other books, and so it was tough picking up the plot, remembering exactly who had killed whom and who had whose weapon, etc. right at the beginning.


Also, he references a character from a short story I never read at the beginning of this book. If I were more diligent, I'd tell you which one, but I haven't read any of the extant Drizzt short stories (of which there are several)


A fun book with good battles and interesting stuff happening. 


It's a little sad that Salvatore chose to narrate the book in such a way that

it's a foregone conclusion that Obould's going to turn out to be a good guy and ally of the protagonists.

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I think the story would've worked better leaving that as a surprise.


Other than that, it's a fun book.

Wulfgar's story arc is sad, but he's been a tragic character for a long time. I also have high hopes for Tos'un Armgo as a more regular character in the future. I think he's got an interesting story to tell.

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