Tom Sawyer, Detective (Dover Children's Evergreen Classics) - Mark Twain;Children's Classics

Hey, remember that time we hijacked a steampunk balloon, and spent a bunch of time staring at the Sahara Desert? No? Me neither. Let's never speak of that again.



Okay, so this one is much more bearable than Tom Sawyer Abroad (and because I have them, why not read the whole series, right?)


Yeah, so this novel reads like a couple of unused chapters for Huckleberry Finn, and as such is ... okay. We revisit some characters from Huck Finn, but they're just basically placeholders for a whodunnit... (I'm not even certain some of the family members were even IN the Huck Finn book).


We get your typical murder mystery, which is alright. The plot's by turns a little thin, and a little formulaic to someone who's grown up with mystery stories on TV.


Anyway, I will probably only reread Tom Sawyer multiple times in my life. Huck Finn? maybe once. This one? Once was enough.