Tom Sawyer Abroad - Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer Abroad AKA Mark Twain's Gambling Addiction



...okay, maybe not gambling. I haven't read a Mark Twain biography, but I scanned his wikipedia page, and it did seem like he had debt problems.


Anyway, this is a cash-in.


Somehow Tom, Huck, and Jim (freed, but still hanging around with 10-year old white kids and treating them like they're the boss... yeah.) manage to skip to St Louis, get kidnapped in a steampunk magical zeppelin, and then hijack said zeppelin for no good reason. Then, they aimlessly drift east at fantastical speeds, and end up in the Sahara desert (because why not? Mark Twain needed the money.)


We get long digressions of Tom saying how much he loves the Arabian Nights, and believes they're true, we meet a coupla caravans but don't really interact with them, we see some pyramids, some "whirling dervishes" in Cairo (hint: they're from Turkey), and then the book suddenly ends.


Yes, Mark Twain is fun to read, so there's that, but this is clearly a piss-take.