Resurrection - Paul S. Kemp

Book six.


It was kind of all-over-but-the-shouting with the last book, and it was tough for me to get into this one, to take a whole book to tie up loose ends.


The authorial style didn't feel up to the standard of (four of) the other five books. Don't know what else to say about that. See my complaints for book four, but to a lesser degree.


The ending-- I know that the ending was especially dictated by RA Salvatore, but it felt more than a little awkward and forced, getting the characters from their arc to their end points.


spoilers ahoy.



Pharaun -- arguably the main character of the story. Certainly one of the most likeable characters. Seemed a pretty insignificant death. I guess that's very drow-like but whatever.


Quenthel and Danifae -- it was an ironic, but not unexpected end for these two. Again, not the ending you're rooting for, but certainly the ending they deserved, drow being drow. I really HATED Danifae by the end, which I guess is a good thing?


Jeggred -- argh. really?


Halisstra -- just as her earlier conversion didn't seem believable, this un-conversion seemed less so. She was so certainly in Eilistraee's camp at the end of the last book, that her very shallow switch back to Lolth seemed dumb. Wouldn't she have more conviction than that, just to be where she was? eek. This was the weirdest and most awkward part of the book.


Uluyara and Feliane -- might as well have been wearing red starfleet uniforms.


Valas -- wait, he's in this story? Why?


Gromph -- yes!!!


Aliisza -- WTF at the end?

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Okay, so I can't really argue with character development and story arc because that's the author's choice, but I just felt let down by this book compared to (most of) its predecessors.