The Lone Drow - R.A. Salvatore

Last one was The Thousand Orcs. This one is the Ten Thousand Orcs.


Ahh... alas for fun books with easily solvable problems.


For one, I guess it's not an RA Salvatore series if, every other book or so, one character goes off and becomes all emo--- moping about how they're a terrible person and basically non-functional as a person. Guess it was Drizzt's turn, which is funny, because he's done this at least twice before.



All Drizzt had to do at any point in the book was CHECK to see if his friends were still alive. They certainly had survived situations more miraculous than that many times. He even went to where he thought they died, but apparently, he's not a good enough tracker to mark a party of 500 dwarves saving the day (and his friends)?


Nope, we get a lone, emo drow in the wilderness, killing everything in his path because he's awesome, yet too dumb to actually talk to anyone or try to work strategically with his allies....


Also, (and this is the big, easily solvable problem in the book), there are only 10,000 orcs, several thousand trolls, and several hundred giants working together because they have a charismatic leader. Seriously-- oldest fantasy trope in the world, kill the leader and the orcs scatter. It's not like our good guys didn't have the means-- Drizzt has access to a PEGASUS for crying out loud-- swoop down, kill the bad guy, go have lunch. That easy.


I can see that we're setting that up for the last book in the series, but couldn't we have just cut to the chase and ended things about a book ago? Drizzt and Innovidil (Immodium?) even chose (for some strange reason) to take revenge on Urlgen, (the orc leader's son and lieutenant) rather than Obould (the leader). Why? What possible reason did they have going after the second-in-command? Must be to make a contractual trilogy...

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Okay, again, maybe I'm overthinking this. The book was 50% battle scenes, which is pretty awesome.