Perpetual Peace - Immanuel Kant

I read some Kant in high school-- long enough ago for me to forget the content, but retain the dislike I had for it.


This was... surprisingly not bad. A (thankfully) short essay on international relations.


Kant's ideas on peace and how nations should treat each other reverberated pretty well with me, and underscored several of our missteps post-9/11. Kant argues that one country should never try to influence the constitution of another, and to do so by force invites folly. Well, yep. we did that.


Anyways, Kant's points are topical and still relevant.


I don't know a lot of Königsberg's history (Kant's hometown), but what I do know is that it's a real melting pot, and has been claimed by 17 or so different countries in the last 300 years. I wonder if that plays into Kant's viewpoint on international relations.


OK so anyways, an enlightening read, and mercifully short. I still want to make some sort of "I. Kant" joke, though.