The Silent Blade - R.A. Salvatore

Now this is how you write a sequel--


you take the main characters from previous books, recombine them in interesting ways, give them unique challenges to keep the reader interested, but keep the characters that you love interacting in interesting and different ways.


So, yes, the gang's all here for this one. The good guys (including Cadderly as an oft-referenced, never-seen character), and the bad guys (Artemis Entreri, Jarlaxle, Druzil, Crenshinibon), and fun ensues. Somebody tell Robert Jordan (oh wait...)... newly introduced characters are kept to a minimum so that the story can progress.


Of course, this is--what? the tenth Drizzt book, and really the FIFTEENTH book you should read if you're getting here, because you also should've read all five Cadderly books, but who's counting, right?


Anyway, these Drizzt books get better each iteration.


One nit-picky thing-- all these R.A. Salvatore books have really obvious spelling errors-- It's pretty obvious he writes these on a word processor, and then has it spell check, but doesn't actually have any humans read his work. -- but this book was the worst. I swear there were 10 or 15 stupid spelling errors in this one alone. I'm reading the repackaged omnibus edition, and you'd think in between printing it the first time and reprinting it, they could've made a few changes, but... grr... Any time I catch a spelling error, it totally breaks the spell of the story, and I find myself thinking about how stupid the author and publisher must be.


Also, the "twist" in the epilogue is kindof obvious. You can't kill off the eponymous main character of a book that has 4 or 5 futher sequels..

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