Passage to Dawn (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #10) - R.A. Salvatore

Another fun Drizzt book. No complaints here.


Actually, this is where the book series cross over. I was warned this would happen. This actually makes a nice coda for the Cadderly series. If you haven't read the Cleric Quintet before now, STOP, read them, and it will make this book more rewarding.


So, we have our series crossover. It actually reads a bit like fanfic, except it's the same author, so I guess he's entitled. Oh well.


After our crossover, the plot proceeds very similar to that of The Crystal Shard. No huge complaints, as that is a pretty cool book, and I can see that Salvatore wants to revisit some of our favorite situations, baddies, and scenarios.


We even have a satisfying

Druzil cameo, which gives Druzil the satisfying sendoff we were missing in the Cleric books.

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My biggest complaint about this book is that

Salvatore conjures up these wacky, infernal monsters from the pits of The Abyss, and then 1) they turn out to be pretty weak, and the main characters dispatch them quite easily, and 2) after describing them once, very briefly, Salvatore starts referring to them by their names... "Manes", and a few others, I think. This makes me think that these creatures are simply plucked from the D&D manual and pasted into the story. Sloppy. That makes me sad.

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...And at the end of the book, we have one of the most transparent plot twists EVER...

duh, it's Wulfgar, not Zaknafein that they're saving. ...but the awesome character interactions and general awesomeness that ensue from having Wulfgar back in the story make me forgive Salvatore for everything.

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It's okay. I knew. It's still okay.



Also, the "Regis and Cattie-Brie" phrase count for this book is 1. Makes me laugh EVERY STINKING TIME.


So... fun book. Not Shakespeare, but fun.