Siege of Darkness - R.A. Salvatore

...just moved over from Goodreads. I did so in solidarity with other goodreads users who found their content moderated at the behest of cranky amateur authors. No bad experiences here, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Anyway, book 3 of the third Dark Elf series.


Just a fun, fun read. Battles galore, intrigue, familiar characters. Salvatore managed to dodge a few of the normal fantasy tropes that he usually indulges in. These books are superior to the earlier dark elf books, so if you're wondering whether it's worth it to slog through so many books, I'd say yes.


Anyways, fun summer reading in early fall.


Look! I can give half- stars! then, 4.5 stars, although on goodreads, I'd've given this five.