Erak's Ransom - John Flanagan Okay, first, this book is non-chronological with the rest of the series so-far. it doesn't offer any spoilers or anything really of value where it is in sequence (out-of-chronology), so I'd suggest reading the books in this order (so far)


I'll edit my book 5 review to reflect that as well..

..anyway, I really liked this book as well. As I've said on all the other ones in this series, it's candy fiction. It's not deep, but it sure is fun.

This one takes place in a north-africa-type setting. All the civilizations in this series are based on real historical ones. I've mentioned elsewhere that the merits of such a setting are debatable, but whatever.

Anyways, it was a page turner. I found myself making excuses to return to the book throughout the day just to get another dose.