The Sorcerer in the North - John Flanagan Editor's note: Upon reading the series, I've discovered the books are non-chronological. I'd suggest reading the series 1-2-3-4-7-5-6-8... So, if you've just finished book 4, read 7 before 5.


So, can you still call the series "The ranger's apprentice" when the main character is no longer an apprentice? and how many books are left? I guess it's like the new kids on the block (who are no longer new nor kids, just creepy men)...anyways,...

So, this book was some more fun literary candy. If I question too hard about how the same 4-5 main characters keep getting put in situations that they're way underqualified (and understaffed) for, it'd probably suck, but let's just suspend disbelief and run with it.

So, in that case, it was first-rate fun. Don't judge these books by any exacting literary standard--they're simply fun, hack-and-slash reads.