The Death Cure - James Dashner Yet another thrilling page-turner. Compared with the previous two books, the plot carried me along better, and I found myself questioning it less as the story unfolded. I'm still not sure about the series, though.

As a reader, I'm fatigued with all the made-up stories that the main characters are constantly fed. Yes, they seem to be constantly questioning whether people are telling them the truth, but they don't seem to be able to consistently act on it. Somebody reveals some earth-shaking new plot twist to the main characters, and they go "okay." and act on it. After being lied to in 50,000 different ways, I'd just give up trusting anyone. These characters are stupid.

As such, the characters seem to do a lot of fighting, killing, and dying without really knowing whose side they're on. Seems a little pointless to me. And again, after so many plot twists, I'm fatigued. I just assume that whatever the main characters find out, it's not true anyways, and I don't care anymore.