Ethics - Aristotle, J.A.K. Thomson, Jonathan Barnes, Hugh Tredennick Level up! +1 Intelligence. +1 Literacy.

first, I have to admit that I read "selections from Aristotle's Ethics", not the whole thing.... but it was enough.

Okay, but I am a smarter, better, more well-rounded person for reading this. I'm not a fan of philosophy so much, but I'm a fan of knowledge, and the best minds in history have all read their aristotle, so I figured I needed to as well.

That being said, it was a slog. not my favorite type of reading, but I'm better for it.

There was some good continuing of the merits and sources of virtue (goodness) from Plato's Meno...

But there were several discussions that threw me. I thought politics was timeless and universal, but when Aristotle says things like (and I'm paraphrasing) "political science is the most noble use of the human mind" ... ummm? Like the little girl says, I'm tired of Mitt Romney and Bronco Bamma.

Anyways, whatevs. back to the swordfighting books.