A String in the Harp - Nancy Bond Ahh, I had SO much fun reading this book! It was like a long vacation in Susan Cooper's Wales.

So, I got this one at a garage sale because it was a Newberry Honor book. It's high Welsh fantasy in the vein of Susan Cooper's The Grey King and Silver on the Tree (two of my favorite favorites) and deals with a lot of the same mythology. I relished every word of the book like a long refreshing vacation in a favorite place.

The magical element in this book is much more understated than in a Susan Cooper or Lloyd Alexander book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. As a younger reader, I might have hated the slower pace of the narrative, but as an adult with a long attention span, I relished the slow unfolding of the story. While the story had obvious fantastical elements, the core of the story was about a family and their learning to love each other and cope with their mother's death.

I've never been to Wales, but this book makes me long for it. It deserves a place of honor (and rereading) with some of my favorites.

Incidentally, here are the first three Tir na n-Og award winners for best English Language work (dealing with Welsh Culture):

1976 - Susan Cooper - The Grey King
1977 - Nancy Bond - A String in the Harp
1978 - Susan Cooper - Silver on the Tree