The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson I really enjoyed this one.

It was thick, complexly plotted, and interesting. The beginning was fun because it wasn't a typical adventure story (you know, kill the bad guy and everyone rejoices... it was picking up the pieces after that, dealing with the ensuing chaos.

The story was fun, there were lots of fun twists-- some expected, some unexpected.

Anyway, this is highly recommended.

One thing, though.... Elend is king, right? He freed the skaa (peasants), right? For most of the book, he's got an army or two camped on his doorstep waiting to attack. What's that army made up of? It's gotta bee skaa/peasants! All he has to do is send a message... "Hey! Desert the army and come live with me!" He'd depopulate two armies overnight. Sure, the officers would kill some, and there's issues about feeding the former troops, but it'd still work. Even better would be "Hey! Steal all the food you can carry, come live with me, and we'll pay you for the food!" ...anyway, maybe I'd make a better king than Elend.