The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson A great book-- fittingly finishes off the series. Lots of fun action, some interesting character conflicts, some surprises, some less surprising. Simply builds on the first two books in the series. One of the best series I've read in a long while.

My only complaint? the cover (not the one pictured above)... I spent the whole first two books in the series wondering who the fruity George Michael-clone brooding in the white outfit would turn out to be. It saddens me that some artist somewhere pictured a very interesting and complex character as a boy-band reject.

I'm not planning to read The Alloy of Law, Sanderson's supposedly stand-alone sequel/book-in-the-same-universe because I understand it's going to be a series, and therefore violates my Robert Jordan rule (no unfinished series!), so I have to comment here on the completely horrendous faux-steampunk cover of that book. It's going to be tough to crack that book and get past that RIDICULOUS cover.