The Scorch Trials - James Dashner Another riveting, page turner of a book. Again, very much like the hunger games in terms of pacing and story.

...but was it any good? I'm still trying to figure that out.

(I'm usually pretty bad at telling whether I honestly like a book or not until I'm done with the book or series of books)

So, if this all-powerful government entity is really controlling all aspects of these kids' lives, why do they suck at it? Seriously, releasing these kids into the wild, so to speak, allowing many of them to be killed by random accidents... there's too many things that could go wrong. Supposedly, everything is being controlled, but there's too much of a random element for any self-respecting scientist to expect any kind of controlled outcome.

So, is ANYONE telling the main characters the truth? After about 50 plot twists of "I was lying to you, I'm telling the truth to you now", I've stopped caring. And why aren't the characters as jaded as I am? They seem to believe (skeptically, but still believe enough to act on) whatever is told to them. Stupid.

Okay whatever.