The Cry of the Crow - Jean Craighead George Ack! Sad, sad ending. Possibly unnecessarily sad. I'm hurt and confused.

OK-- so, Jean Craighead George-- author of classics such as My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves. Unimpeachably awesome.

I brought this along on a backpacking trip because my current book must weigh 5 pounds, so this one was light. I read most of it in my hammock at a secluded mountain lake, where I could hear the crows calling (although they didn't sound that intelligent to me)... so, this was kind of the perfect book for the setting.

The plot is a little thin, though, and it's convenient how all these minor characters know just a little about crows, but still remain ignorant of them.

Anyways, not one of Jean Craighead George's best, but still worth reading... but Ah--that sad ending.