Night Masks - Robert Anthony Salvatore This series is getting more interesting.

This is the One in Which our Hero gains Phenomenal Cosmic Powers... Is that a spoiler?

Anyway, gone is the vacillating, impotent Cadderly (very human, but not a good fit for the hero of a swashbuckling adventure story), and in his place is the Git-R-Done Cadderly (my goodness, did I just type that?)

I liked this book, because it turned the narrative on its head a little. We got lots and lots of details about the bad guys' plans, our heroes' plight seemed inescapable, and our heroes up and surprise us with a plan of their own.

Anyway, it's a book that's mostly battle scenes in a series that's mostly battle scenes, so you've got to expect a lot of that. The main characters always manage to survive even the most mortal wounds, and the bad guys always have stormtrooper aim, but that's part of the fun of the book. Wouldn't have it any other way.