The Legacy - R.A. Salvatore Could this be the payoff for reading the first two dark elf trilogies?

This was a really good book for what it is (cheap fantasy, etc. etc.) I feel like Salvatore's writing skills have earned a +1 with this book-- less formulaic and predictable than previous entries.

That being said, this book serves as a nice continuation of Homeland and Exile, and serves as a nice bridge combining the worlds of the first two dark elf trilogies.

So, don't read this book first. Make sure you've slogged through the other six, but I think it's worth it (but what to I know?)

There were some DEFINITE surprises in the story:

Wulfgar died? Nah, he couldn't have REALLY died... I mean, this is fantasy-- he'll find a way to survive, right? RIGHT??? Aw man, it looks like he's really dead.

Also, Entreri-- Dead? Probably not, we didn't see a body. This is fantasy. We always need to see a body.

Regis: going to turn evil? almost definitely.

I'm a little bit sad because despite the opportunity, Salvatore never once used the phrase "Regis and Cattie-Brie", but despite that, I'm very excited to read the next book, and a little disappointed in myself that I read the first two trilogies as a teenager but never picked this one up... I should be done with Starless Night... tomorrow?