Starless Night - R.A. Salvatore I mentioned to my wife that The Legacy was like Salvatore's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in that it really broke out of the formulaicism of its predecessors, and hinted at much greater depth in the overall story and main characters*.

If that's the case, then Starless Night is like Order of the Phoneix-- well-written, but with main chararcters that make decisions so stupid, you wish you could reach into the book and smack them.

Seriously... Drizzt? Cattie-Bree? What's your plan? Are you seriously THAT dumb, again and again? Oh well, at least by the end of the book, they admit they were being dumb...

Also, STORMTROOPER AIM alert! I wish I'd kept a count of "The arrow/spear/crossbow bolt landed just inches from X's face..." It must've been in the hundreds.

Anyways, the book was fun. I was glad to see Menzoberranzan again, and I shouldn't expect too much from these books, right? right?

*[that being said about Goblet of Fire, the last few times I've read it it's seemed like "Harry Potter and the Plot Hole of Doom"]