Domes of Fire (Tamuli) - David Eddings

Book 4/6 of my favorite series.


You would think that after destroying an evil god, saving a princess, and generally kicking the forces of evil's collective butt, that Sparkhawk would be done. Instead, he's got strange new countries to visit and new adventures.


I'm so glad we get to spend time with Stragen, Mirtai, queen Betuana, Elron, Empress Elysoun, Caalador, and Princess Danae (just to name a few). Ulath hates sieges, yet

suggests one at every opportunity,

(show spoiler)

and they have

not one, but at least three great siege battles

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in this book. The business at the end with

the rioting and the defending of the Elene Castle

(show spoiler)

is one of my favorite scenes in all these books.


Plus, we've got Elysoun vs. Berit, and Emperor Sarabian, who is a force unto himself.


If I ever have twin girls, I'll name them Danae and Aphrael. If it's triplets, Danae, Aphrael, and Flute.