King Lear (Folger Shakespeare Library Series) - William Shakespeare

My first time through King Lear. Some absolutely wonderful prose in there. The story was a touch hard to follow, but I managed okay. 


I think the moral of the story is: "Never never never give your kids their inheritance before you die." Lear certainly did this and earned the contempt and resentment from his two daughters while shafting Cordelia, who could have maybe had used some tact while trying to signal to her father that her older sisters were awful.


I did like that the good son of Gloucester was named Edgar (a certain family name)... Edgar was weird, though. Instead of protesting (or proving) his innocence, he just kinda rolled over too.


Maybe I just thought that the characters were too broad, too cartoonish. The pathos and emotion was good, but it's really all over the map.


But who am I to criticize the Bard, really?